Welcome To My Blog.

Several individuals I met over the past few months inspired me, to start this blog. Partly, I was motivated by the comment of a guest speaker, in one of our events management lectures at Queen Margaret University, who said, we should ‘get our name out there’, in order to get into the events industry. Another motivator was a good friend and fellow student of mine, Thorben Grosser, who is already blogging himself and who I admire for his knowledge, professionalism and his little weirdness, which you need to become successful and which I think we have in common. I spent the last to years in Edinburgh, studying, reflecting, thinking and occasionally drinking, which seems to be inevitable, if in Scotland, no offence.

During that time I developed or discovered a new passion for, lets call it, alternative or 21st century management. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, spoke at the PCMA Annual Meeting 2011 in Las Vegas, NV and gave my thoughts a push in the right direction, expressing a philosophy, which I already had in my mind as a rather undefined belief. He said, that at the core of everyone’s desires lies happiness. Ask anyone, what they wish for and then ask them, why they wish for that and they will all come to the same answer: Happiness. I believe that there is no such thing as pure self-sacrifice. Everything you do is at least a tiny bit motivated by your own desire for happiness. And thats ok, as long as making others happier makes you happy.

The PCMA Annual Meeting 2010 in Dallas, TX made me read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’,  as he was one of the main guest speakers for the conference. This was my personal beginning of a new era. Daniel Pink’s ‘Drive’, Tony Hsieh’s ‘Delivering Happiness‘ and Logan’s et. al. ‘Tribal Leadership’ followed. These books are guiding the way to a new era in business management. As it was said during the Dalai Lama’s visit to Hamburg, Germany in 2007, the 20th century was all about material growth. After industrialisation and two world wars humanity finally arrived in modern times. The next century should be about our ethical education and emotional not technical competencies. Over the past hundred years we gained the knowledge on how to operate processes efficiently and effectively and on how to acquire all resources we need and even more than that. In theory there is enough food for everyone in the world. Theoretically no one on this earth has to suffer due to a lack of resources. All we need, are the moral competencies necessary, to make these resources accessible to everyone. Please, do not get me wrong. I am not a kommunist. Kommunism is a great concept, but not compatible with human nature. However, kapitalism is not the solution either. There is something more social in between the two.

I am not a fan of radical philosophies. I do not want to change THE world, but I will start changing mine and thereby the world of the people around me. In other words, I will do what I can, to become a tribal leader, taking my tribe to the next level. However great Barack Obama’s vision and morals might be; what is really needed to make his change possible, are many, many little Obamas, Gandhis, Dalai Lamas and maybe Jesuses, in order to bring long term sustainable change to the world. As one can see, large parts of the USA are not ready for an Obama, yet.

This shall be the only entry in which I better you with my big thoughts. In the future this blog will spread the word about the smal changes in my world, rather than the giant, revolutionary, radical things the world is often not ready for.

If I succeed, I will deliver happiness, WOW you from time to time and hopefully inspire you to follow the movement of the 21st century business management philosophy.


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