Hot Summer 2011

It finally looks like I sorted out my summer holidays.
Until mid march I was planning to work for my dad’s event agency during June and July and go to Edinburgh for the festivals in August, without having concrete plans on what I would actually be going to do there. Since then, much has happened…

It started with the good news that I got the job as event host with Match Point, an international hospitality provider. One of their events is the VIP experience for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, taking place in front of the Castle every August. Thats August sorted out.

What happened next, was a rather unexpected but positive surprise. Two fellow students, Thorben and Laurie, and I participated in the first ever MeetingMatrix App Competition, which was open to events management students from our university, QMU. Our idea was amazing and so thought the head of the jury and sponsor of the event, CEO and President of MeetingMatrix International, Jmîchaeĺe Keller. The moment the official part of the competition ended, he came over to us and offered us an internship at his company’s headquarters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Well, thats two weeks in June sorted out.  Our presentation was a group work masterpiece with the additional challenge, that Thorben was in Canada for a semester abroad. However, we hooked him up via Skype on the second projector in the lecture theatre, from where he presented his bit.

Finally, our events lecturer, Professor Joe Goldblatt, encouraged me to apply for an assistent position for a student project in July and August. Every year the St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas sends a group of students to Edinburgh, to experience the festival summer for a couple of weeks. The job would be arranging tours and shows for them, basically being their personal tour guide. I waned to be one since I came to this beautiful city. We’ll see, wheter it’ll work out.

And thats not it, yet. Every now and then I will spend a few weeks at home in Hamburg, where I will work for my dad. Luckily, I will be there for the Hamburg Harley Days, where I have already worked in past years, and which is one of my favourite events.

Hamburg Harley Days 2010 at Hamburg Grossmarkt

Along the way, our app-concept group will continue the work with MeetingMatrix remotely, via the internet. Sounds like a hot summer to me. I did not get all that straight, yet. Exciting times.


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