MGM Awesome Events

Not too long ago, it was January 2011, Professor Joe Goldblatt, a group of QMU students and I went on our annual trip to PCMA Convening Leaders, this year hosted by the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV. Sooner but mostly later everyone had arrived at the Hotel where Joe was waiting with a little surprise. It was about 10pm and we were all jet-lagged when he announced that we would be helping at the set up of the big opening reception, starting the next morning at 6am.  We were thrilled.

I already had an idea about the event, as I attended the opening reception for the PCMA Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX the year before. It was a great experience taking a look behind the scenes and helping create such a beautiful and impressive event sight. When the doors opened that night and we walked into the hall, I realised that you pay much more attention to the details, if you were part of the team, which created all that.

Lenny Talarico, Director of Events, and King Dahl, Executive Director of Events Design, were the great minds behind the events of that night. A few days later Lenny gave our group a tour of the MGM Resorts Events premises, where all their amazing events are created. We met the team of event designers and producers and walked through the workshop and the warehouses, which were full of decore and stage props.

front row from l. to r. King, Khloe, Joe, Nikolina, Frederike, Yasha, Lenny

front row from l. to r. King, Khloe, Joe, Nikolina, Frederike, Yasha, Lenny

The amazing thing about all that was that everything you could ever need for an event seemed to be there. My Dad once told me that the advantage of an event agency like his was that all they needed were their brains linked to a computer and that everything else could be hired from suppliers. Sure, we have a wee warehouse, too, where we keep a couple of things we always need, however, third parties supplie most of the stuff our events are built of. MGM Resorts Events is different. They operate in a very special environment, as it only exists in Las Vegas and maybe in Orlando, FL. While we were decorating a buffet table for the reception, a load of flower arrangements in vases arrived in a truck. Even they were an in-house production.

This company organises and supplies events for about 13 hotels of the MGM family in Las Vegas. It is a one of a kind organisation and we were very fortunate to get an inside view of their everyday business. In addition to that Lenny, King and the rest of the team were very welcoming and took all the time they could spare, to take us around.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to go back one day and work as part of this amazing team for a little longer than just one day. Viva Las Vegas and its busy elves working 24/7 behind the scenes to make all your dreams come true!


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