Motivation 3.0 by Daniel H. Pink

I sort of just finished Daniel Pink’s book ‘Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’ and it impressed me quite a lot. Pink fulfilled the first condition required to get me interested in a book: It is very well researched and referenced. He refers to numerous studies and books by renowned scientists. However, he still manages to write in a very pleasant and enjoyable style without making it too scientifically complicated or dull. Secondly, he addresses a topic, which deals with exactly what I am interested in at the moment: revolutionising the world of business and in a way trying to help us discover what we actually want to do with and achieve in our lives.

He introduces Motivation 3.0, which is all about intrinsic drives fueling our actions. It removes profit as main objective for businesses and replaces it by purpose and the desire for true happiness, which money can’t provide. As Tony Hsieh, Pink states that being part of something bigger than your-self is what can offer sustainable satisfaction and happiness and can make you truly successful, in the sense of making a difference and making a profit. He also talks about 20%-time, which is work time dedicated to the employees’ own projects. During that time they are not allowed to work on their usual projects and can do whatever they want, with whomever they want. For example Google News is a 20%-time child. Pink lists several very successful products and features born during that time. He states that the unusually high productivity during these periods is generated by intrinsic motivation, which basically consists of a team’s shared passion for an idea.
His concepts are applicable to children, as well as to large companies and if you are not a fan of carrots and sticks and are looking for something different, you should take a look at this book.

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