green Hamburg Harley Days 2011

Hamburg Harley Days at the Hamburg GrossmarktThe Hamburg Harley Days 2011 are over, however, after the Harley Days is before the Harley Days. Especially this year, as we had a special guest, who’s presence might change the event forever. I am not talking about Keith Wandell, CEO of Harley Davidson, who was there, too, but about the guy, who wrote the first book on green meetings and events, Sam Goldblatt. Yes, he is the son of our professor Joe Goldblatt and no, it is not a coincidence. After we had some issues with the Hamburg council with respect to the even, we decided to be proactive and invite Sam to write a report on the event’s sustainability. But instead of letting him produce a meaningless paper with ideas we could have come up with ourselves, I thought it would be clever to fly him into Hamburg, let him do his research on which he could base an individual report about the Harley Day’s potential to become greener, more sustainable and an even more important part of Hamburg’s culture.

A survey, which I designed for the event was extended by a few questions, which would add to the report. Sam interviewed vendors, suppliers, the stage crew, event attendees, my dad, the organiser and many more in order to get an idea of what the Hamburg Harley Days actually are and what their meaning is to the different stakeholders. In my opinion this year’s event was the perfect time to launch this project, as for the first time since 2003, when we had the first Harley event in Hamburg, we have a 5 year contract for the venue, which makes the report even more valuable to us, because most of the logistics and suppliers will stay the same over this period.

My wish is it to make the Hamburg Harley Days, of which a key feature is the completely senseless and irresponsible production of CO2 through fuel inefficient engines, a more sustainable and greener event and perhaps to make it even greener than events that do not involve 60.000 motorcycles.

May the Harley Days rock on forever.


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