World’s first Meeting and Event Technology Curriculum

The following post is from our university internal news letter from August 19th 2011 announcing the new curriculum in Meeting and Event Technology.

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh has completed the development of the world’s first curriculum for meeting and events technology in higher education.

Partnering with MeetingMatrix International and event experts around the world, QMU created a curriculum guide which will equip university students with cutting edge technology skills in meeting and event planning. This is the first time a university level events curriculum received input from industry experts worldwide and integrated technology supplied by a leading commercial company. The new curriculum and technology are offered by Queen Margaret University and MeetingMatrix free of charge to universities worldwide.

The project was funded by MeetingMatrix, suppliers of the most advanced room diagramming programme and venue sourcing technology on the global market. The technology allows event planners and clients to see exactly what their rooms and events will look like even if both parties are in different countries.

Professor Joe Goldblatt, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Planned Events at QMU, explained: “Across the globe, events are becoming extremely sophisticated and often employ increasing levels of technology in order to meet their goals – whether that be in sales, customer satisfaction, business partner relations or costs. For example, The Edinburgh Festivals is always looking to improve its communication with its audiences by employing more advanced technology systems which will ultimately impact positively on sales and customer satisfaction, as well as social welfare and the local economy. The event planner is also under pressure to provide evidence of a successful outcome to event sponsors.   In order to successfully achieve this, event planners need to be technically savvy, whilst also have the ability to innovate and provide direction for the future evolution of events.”

“Together with its partners, QMU has developed a pioneering curriculum which will equip event management students with the technical ability and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in the fast paced meeting and events industry” said Professor Goldblatt.

Beginning in autumn this year, QMU students will be benefitting from the newly developed ‘MeetingMatrix Meeting and Event Technology Curriculum’.

Kuan-wen Lin, PhD student, has worked solidly on the development of this project for the last year. He said: “In order to ensure that the Curriculum can be utilised by undergraduate students and universities globally, it was reviewed by an impressive range of international event experts from Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Switzerland and Hong Kong.  Thanks to the support of MeetingMatrix, the Curriculum, which is valued at between £30,600 – £91,800 ($50,000 -$150,000) per year, is now available free of charge to universities all over the world.”

Lynne Russel
Press and PR Officer

The Curriculum as PDF


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