QMU Events Management Network

The QMU PCMA Student Chapter was the first club I joined when I started my studies at Queen Margaret in September 2009. This club is responsible for some of the highlights of my student life so far: The two PCMA Annual Meetings I attended so far in Dallas, Texas and this January in Las Vegas, becoming the Student Planner of the Year Scholarship winner 2011 and I met some of my best friends I have at QMU. During my presidency over the last academic year I tried to encourage others to join the chapter in order to share the great time I had with the group. However, I was facing several problems, which made it difficult to keep the group together.

After we went to Las Vegas we did not manage to get the chapter back on track. The group was split into those who attended PCMA Convening Leaders and into those who did not. I knew from the previous years that this might happen, but I was not able to prevent it. In order to avoid this situation and to make the chapter more inclusive and attractive for more students Thorben, who has returned from his semester in Canada, and I had the idea to make the QMU PCMA Student Chapter an official society as part of our Students’ Union: The QMU Events Management Network.

The aim of the Network is to share knowledge, contacts and ideas. Younger students can take advantage of older students’ experience, you can help others to get an internship with a firm you might already know and you will be able to share your event ideas and take part in the society’s fundraising events. We will still be attending the PCMA Annual Meeting, but a membership is not mandatory. In addition to PCMA you have the option to join MPI or any other professional body of your choice. These changes take the focus from PCMA, which means the group becomes more attractive to potential members, who are only interested in organising their own small events and meet students from other years.

I am looking forward to working together with the Students’ Union and to seeing the society grow and become a part of the university’s culture.
May 2011/12 be a very special  event.

QMU Events Management Network Facebook Page


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