European Capital of Culture – a title that’s really a series of events

Bildergebnis für aarhus 2017In times like these projects such as the European Union’s Capital of Culture are more important than ever. Brexit, the French Front National, the AfD in Germany and many other parties and their populists leaders across Europe are threatening the union’s core values. The events and projects hosted and organised over the course of a year by the Capital of Culture are working against the division of our society and have the potential to bring us closer together. Incidentally, carrying the title also improves the host destination’s socioeconomic development (2004 Palmer Report), which is nice.

The 2017 host is Aahus, Denmark and they’ve already kicked off their cultural year with an impressive event featuring a parade, light installations, fireworks and large scale projections. Have a look.

Denmark’s government is pro EU, which unfortunately cannot be taken for granted these days. I’m very curious how Aahus is going to utilise the title of Capital of Culture and how, once more, events will bring people closer together. It is a great chance that shall not be missed.


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