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And welcome to my blog, where I write about my job as an events manager and some of my ideas, I think other professionals might find interesting. As a student I was grateful whenever I had the chance to meet experienced event geeks, who talked about their career in the industry. Their personal stories were important to me building  a bridge from where I was back then to where I was planning on going. I hope this blog will inspire people the same way I was inspired as a student and contribute to the establishment of our profession.

I am now working for an events and festival agency in Hamburg, Germany, the bergmanngruppe. We mostly organise public events in northern Germany. As you might
have guessed, my boss is also my father, who organised his first event, a flea market, around the time I was born. Now we employ close to 30 people split up into three units. After returning from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I studied events management at Queen Margaret University and earned my bachelor’s degree, I started working full-time for my father. I am currently head of logistics for our major events and project management of the Hamburg Cruise Days, a brewery fest and Oktoberfest Dublin.

I believe that the best thing to do for yourself is doing good for others and planning events is the perfect way to do so.

If you wish to contact me, please feel free to write me an email or take a look at the links section for my social media profiles.


PCMA Student Event Planner of the Year 2010

PCMA Student Event Planner of the Year 2010 (c) PCMA

© Jacob Slaton Photography

Member of PCMA 20 in their 20s Inaugural Class 2014 (c) PCMA

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