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European Capital of Culture – a title that’s really a series of events

In times like these projects such as the European Union’s Capital of Culture are more important than ever. Brexit, the French Front National, the AfD in Germany and many other parties and their populists leaders across Europe are threatening the … Continue reading

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  Oktoberfest Dublin, since its first year in 2008, has become an institution in the Irish event calendar. After successful first years the event tumbled through the recession and an organisational crisis, but has been back on track since 2013, which is when … Continue reading

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World Cup Fan-Fest: The Team Behind The Game

This is an article that was published on a local blog by a journalist, who followed me around for a day. I translated it from German. When 50,000 people get together for a World Cup party, there is a lot … Continue reading

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The Moral Duty of Power

Events attract a lot of people – at least that’s what we are hoping for most of the weekends during the summer. This post finally motivated me to roughly calculate the overall number of guests that stroll over our events … Continue reading

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4 x PCMA Convening Leaders – The Story of a Student

2013 was my fourth and final year at PCMA Convening Leaders as a Student, although, as my Professor pointed out, I’ll never know for sure. I think I do know, because no matter how much I have enjoyed studying at … Continue reading

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Steve and i

Over the past year I’ve been quite busy with personal matters, which is one reason why I haven’t blogged much during that time. However, I have found a topic, which links the two, business and personal affairs, quite nicely together. … Continue reading

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Football Fever

Since the ‘Summer Fairy-tale’ and the Football World Cup in Germany six years have gone by.  2006 was the year the Germans rediscovered their passion and pride of their own nation. Although the black, red and golden flags were taken … Continue reading

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